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Lunch with Triumvir

So Triumvir dropped by last Thursday for lunch.  We’re going to be hosting a big event at the shop with them in late April.

More details of the event coming soon once we finalize all the details.

On a side note, the new Triumvir stuff just dropped so if I were you I’d click here before it’s all gone since we sold most of it over the weekend.

Brandon and Ben

Brian and Richard

We took them to our favorite Korean BBQ place in the OC – Honey Pig.

“Hey!  Everyone look over here.”

What’s Ben pointing to?

That would be a picture of Hyori, one of the hottest Korean girls alive.  Richard wanted to poor her a shot?

If you don’t know who Hyori is, trust me…click here….

I’ll be honest. Any meeting with Triumvir is not complete without either weed, alcohol, or both.

This was random.  We got a surprise visit from Rob and Johnny Punishment from Foreign Family.  I guess they needed to drop off some samples or something to Jimmy.

These two are extended Attic Fam so if you see them around make sure to say wassup.

Johnny getting pwned while wearing sunglasses inside a restaurant.  Awesome.


March 23 2009 03:28 pm | General

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