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Beast from the East… Well formerly from the West

The homey AK, is visiting from NY. I guess he really missed So Cal weather as he boarded his flight in NY wearing shorts… That must have been odd sight at JFK Airport.

I can’t thank him enough for introducing me to Forgeline Wheels and getting LaPorsche (formerly known as Natasha) updated to AK specs

Fred (Scion/ Rogue) is too famous he actually reverted to becoming camera shy. BOO!

I guess when you roll with Scion/ Rogue Status/ DTA, make appearances on “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory” and have Scion backing you, you try to remain low profile…

Sorry Fred, that dope ass X5 of yours doesn’t help you too much though…

Happy Belated AK


If you see this car, make sure to “ATTIC” sticker it up…



October 29 2009 10:22 am | General

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