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NBA 2K10 Challengers Wanted – Thursday 7/15

Here in Buena Park we have taken over Justin Chon’s personal 42″ TV and turned it into our own little play thing.  Sorry Justin, but I think it looks better in the shop anyways!

We’ve got sports, movies, and then we’ve got Elvin. He’s been playing video games on that thing 24/7 and he keeps talking a big game about his NBA 2K10 skills. I heard that Elvin talks a big game on his dance skills as well. Too bad a source that we shall just refer to as “M.A.” informed me that Elvin froze when he was put up against Nationally known ABDC crews JabbaWockeeZ and Quest Crew. Sorry Elvin, you know I love you but I had to put you on blast for that!

We wanted to give Elvin a chance to redeem himself and prove that he really is the man when it comes to NBA 2K10. Come in this Thursday from 4PM to 9PM and CHALLENGE him to a game. If he wins, he gets to keep talking smack and you go home crying like a little baby. If you win, you will receive 20% OFF your entire purchase for that day ONLY (some exclusions apply)!

Elvin is so confident in his skills that the 20% loss we are taking is getting reimbursed directly out of his paycheck (his words, not ours)




Oh, and Ryan from Meister – if you are reading this, Elvin said he’d school you too!

See you tomorrow – Play on Playas!
Kayla Vava

July 14 2010 03:37 pm | Events and General

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