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Lounge Grand Opening Party Pics: Volume II

As promised… here are a few more party pics from Saturday’s party with KangKo and Vorsteiner for the Grand Opening of the Lounge.

Welcome to our Casa…

Elvin is the man around here right now. His popularity has gone through the roof ever since he showed us how he can hang with the big dogs.

Don’t mess with Matt. You need Security at your next event? Hire this guy.

Sweet, sweet KangKo bling.

KangKo perfecting his pieces. Merchandising is key.

We make Lemonade here at Attic.

Kimo is modeling our Super Flat Top shades. Simply stunning Kimo.

KangKo doesn’t stop at jewelry. Check out the $400 Limited Edition Croc Skin hats he created.

Our in-house model, Kathleen. Yah girl!

People, take notes. THIS is how you show up to a party: a bottle of Veuve in each hand. Wanna do even better? Come with some Dom P. Great job Calvin, thanks for poppin’ bottles in our honor!

KangKo – “I’m number one!” and James – “Ok fine, I’m number two…”

My bottles now, b*tches!!

Lucky boys going home with some Limited Edition KangKo hats

Liz from Vorsteiner – gotta love cute girls that actually work in the car industry.

The IMKING crew. These are the ones responsible for Elvin’s amazing night at XS that he only remembers half of. Haha!

J.Chon and Chad from Foreign Family.

Justin’s Turtle – lookin’ smug to be chillin’ with us here at Attic.

Typical Iggy, always making faces. Hiyeeeeee!!!!

Now that’s a cute pic!

Work hard, play hard. Elvin doing his part to balance things out.

Shots! Shots! Shots, shots, shots! Shots! Everybody!!!

This is Jordan’s face for “May I please have another?”

Attic family lovin’ right here.

When are we going to get Duck Hunt for these things??

This is what the Lounge is for – hanging with your friends, macking on sushi, and sippin’ on that sizzurp!

Finally. The part we have all been waiting for…

The KangKo custom Attic G-Shock giveaway!

5… 9… 2… 5… 9…

The winning ticket.

Winner Polo thinking “OOOoo-Weeeee! Look at my new watch!”

Sorry James, your KangKo is legit. But I gotta give it to Polo, I like that new too…

KangKo didn’t want to stop there. He took off his own belt – a prototype KangKo Anaconda with ice-setting – to raffle off as well.

I just have to point out Justin’s boots – LOVE them!!

Winner, winner!

Make Lemonade with Albert aka Bolsa’s Finest

Alex, you look straight up guilty.

BBM makes the world go ’round.

Post-party destination: Kapow in Cypress. So good!

Karaoke at Kapow too. Glad I missed this. I do NOT sing.

From all of us at Attic, we just want to say a big Thank You – Domo Arigato – Mahalo – Muchas Gracias – Gan Sa Hab Ni Da to everyone that came out and showed their love and support. Lots more to come with an addition of a deck and beverages to the Lounge, so keep stopping in.


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