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Nickels & Dimes: AtticTV Takes Over Audrey Magazine Fashion Show

I always knew that my job was awesome but last night Attic took things to another level. I had the opportunity to roll with our in-house hobo to Audrey’s Night Out 2010.

For those who are unfamiliar with Audrey’s Night Out… It’s a fashion show bringing the Asian American community together for an evening of “fashion, fantasy and fun.” There were definitely some fantasies realized last night. But unfortunately you won’t be able to find out what I mean until Shane and Justin release the footage from last night. There were celebrities galore, including David Choe and Dumbfoundead. Be on the look out for Dumbfoundead at Attic – Buena Park… He’s coming. And if we’re lucky enough maybe David Choe will grace the Attic one day with his presence or his art.

Anyways, the Attic fam coined the name “Nickels” for me (pun intended) and it’s part of my job to find those “Dimes.” Guess I hit the jackpot last night! Sitting in seat 005 (front row center), surrounded by beautiful ladies to my left and right, I pretty much had the time of my life. Here’s what I saw…

here’s our in-house hobo prepping for the red carpet

looking quite fashionable there sir!

yup, best seat in the house

Attic’s very own J Chon hosting the Celebrity segment of the show

ok. time for the best part. DIMES!

hello. i love you.

actually, i lied. this was the best part. back stage with all the dimes/models.

Hate Me Now. Thank Me Later.
ya boy, nickels

(shameless plug: follow me @nicholasyou)

Side Note: As you may or may not know, Attic is on the cusp of launching AtticTV. Although our YouTube channel hasn’t officially launched you probably want to subscribe now if you want to be the first on your block to watch the trouble we are stirring up. We’ve been busy working with super producer Shane Yoon (@shaneyoon … follow him!) and his crew on bringing you entertainment like you’ve never witnessed. STAY TUNED!!!!

September 24 2010 03:39 pm | Events and General

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